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It has come to my attention that someone has been posting:
To newsgroups, chatrooms..etc.  As you are aware, this page contains a
malicious javascript that crashes the browser.  This is in violation of
the ValueWeb AUP which includes:
Use of ValueWeb's connection in a manner that is disruptive, damaging,
unlawful, offensive, or intrusive as determined by ValueWeb shall be
considered a breach of this Policy and may result in cancellation of
Please remove this offending link/page and refrain from posting it in the
future.  Failure to remove the link/page, or more occurences of this type
of issue will result in account termination.
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Posted by The Cameleopard on 20:15:38 9/10/99:

elpoep ouy rekcus ot yaw ysae na hcus fo gnikniht
rof trams era srotaerc eht dna doog si etis eht
.xaoh suoivbo siht tuoba yrc ot erised elbidercni
eht ot ni evig t'nod noitanracni tsetal setis eht
tsuj si siht--"'does the fact that you have long hair make you a woman?' 'well, does the fact that you have a wooden leg make you a table?'"

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