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Posted by slobedan on 02:06:41 9/11/99:

when in regard to the party of the first part
if the party of the second part should
desire to party like a motherfucker
any and all such poems shall devolve
to an unspecified party of third part
who shall therein party like a motherfucker
poetry is like totally serious ass shit
these chambers of the ipp committee
are sacred sanctorums of set and setting
wherein all partys shall party like a motherfucker
i just cant emphasise enough this business of
FUCK MAN my fingers began partying like motherfuckers
and i slammed some combination of keys which triggered the
submit HtmL response. htML is pretty fucking cool, a pretty
goddanmn fucking cool way to turn your browser on and
get it to party like a motherfucker.
would any one be interested in partying with me
in the capacity of motherfuckerdom ?
woodstock 99....what the fuck ? the 'peace patrol' pigs
confiscated all the kids water and food so they'd have
to spend five bucks for water and twelve bucks for pizza...
and they'd already spent a hunerdnfittie fer da concert.
the portable shitaterias were never serviced. they overflowed
and unsuspecting revellers mistook fecal material for mud
which they used for ammo against anyone and everyone not
already plastered with the stuff. all MTV personell were
brutally persecuted. a number of punkettes were raped in
the fucking mosh pit. stock 99 was the polar antithesis
of 69 man, when eveyone was like into this hellatiously
cool form of metaconsciousness shit. at 99 you rush into
the mush pit and slug the people in front of you as hard
as you can. you have to man, ok, to like clear out a path
so you can get to the center of the pit. stubborn motherfuckers
who try to hold on to their ground have to be socked and kicked
out of the way. its really not an environment in which well
honed skills of reason and logic are particularly effective.
rage against the machine preached gritty communist lyrics
as ogden management forced vendors to buy its bottled water
at seventy smacks a case. in all the whole thing was a brilliant
summation of the utter fuckeduppedness that is everything american.
a wonderful, horrible orgie of rage, balling, and capitalism gone mad,
the wretched and grotesque results of what happens when an entire
mass of individuals is informed exclusivley by the will to
party like motherfuckers.

oh yeah. like, this salon had managed to hold itself politely together for a week or so after the last bout of
digression, but it's good to see that it's all gone bad again.#16
yeah, i think the 69/99 gestalt is inevitable. and maybe
69 wasn't that great either, since mass postmodern cynicism
hadn't been born yet at the time. but i mean, from the start
people should have realised that the whole 99 thing sounded
seriously 'sequel'-ish, and was capitalism puffing its most blatant
blunt, but shit, people don't even realize that clinton's been
sharing privellages with slobedan in the higher sense, so
we're all totally fucked. i mean, shit, half the world is still
waiting to get their * pierced.

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