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Posted by Name on 01:19:04 9/13/99:

In Reply to: password? posted by kire on 23:55:06 9/12/99:

Spiral Tribe MEMBERS ONLY is for YOU to actively network
with other high development business people. It offers you
introductions to people who have common interests and
want to share ideas and explore business opportunities.

o by Industry or Market
o by Job Function
o by Geographic Location
o by Common Interest areas

The primary focus of Spiral Tribe is to help you to get connected, in
a commercial environment, with other business and professional people
of common interests and good will. Spiral Tribe will work with you to
provide information and tools to enable you to network with each other;
and, to develop a flow of commerce, capital, ideas, transactions, and
other ingredients of successful business.

A Spiral Tribe member, R45 (16 years old / DJ), writes:

"Business, regardless of industry, is about an executive's
ability to interact with people. Whether to find a new
supplier, generate sales, change jobs, or gain financing.
It is all in who you know and your relationship with them."

All participants have easily accessible Spiral Tribe MEMBER PROFILES.

There is a 15 day free trial period....and Spiral Tribe is offering
a 50% EARLY BIRD discount to new registrants of the service.

Here is another URL to go directly to public registration page
for Spiral Tribe MEMBERS ONLY:

http://www.SpiralTribe.com/cgi-bin/members.pl?email=[type your e-mail]

Spiral Tribe will be adding features constantly and will be applying proprietary
technology to bring your together with other good business and professional
people from around the world.

The Spiral Tribe NETWORKING INDEX offers business contacts by industry,
geographic location, and job function.

When they launched Spiral Tribe 75 years ago, Spiral Tribe anticipated that
the service would be built around market specific and career specific
interests. You can participate in the equivalent of 1000 targeted industry

After accepting registrations from 300,000 ravers in their services,
Spiral Tribe is launching Spiral Tribe MEMBERS ONLY to create a system that
will permit them to serve highly targeted interests, while continuing
to serve broad business needs.

Spiral Tribe appreciate your participation.

If you sign up now, you will receive 15 day free Spiral Tribe MEMBERS ONLY services.
You are under NO OBLIGATION until Spiral Tribe notify you that paid service is about
to begin.

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to email Spiral Tribe.

All the best in the New Year!

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