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Date: Wed, 25 Aug 1999 15:08:46 -0400 (EDT)
From: ValueWeb Abuse [abuse@gonk.valueweb.net]
To: jodi@jodi.org
cc: dijo2@valueweb.net
Subject: Important Account Information
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It has come to my attention that someone has been posting:
To newsgroups, chatrooms..etc.  As you are aware, this page contains a
malicious javascript that crashes the browser.  This is in violation of
the ValueWeb AUP which includes:
Use of ValueWeb's connection in a manner that is disruptive, damaging,
unlawful, offensive, or intrusive as determined by ValueWeb shall be
considered a breach of this Policy and may result in cancellation of
Please remove this offending link/page and refrain from posting it in the
future.  Failure to remove the link/page, or more occurences of this type
of issue will result in account termination.
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Posted by Abu Nidal, Marcel Proust and the President of the United States on 02:08:53 9/14/99:

Internet surfers of the World

Europe 14th, Sept. 1999

Abu Nidal
Marcel Proust
The President of the United States

Announcement on JODI.org

We are disgusted on ValueWeb's action towards
this internationally acclaimed Internet Art-
site, http://www.jodi.org. Their contribution
to the ever-expanding world of Art cannot be
expressed to the maximum. We are deeply
concerned on behalf of the Internet's surfers
and demand freedom of speech on the Internet
as well as in Indonesia, otherwise critical
actions must be considered to make the suppressors
withdraw their threats.

This is most probably just JODI's own genious
invention of an Art-site, anyway, so we're
just rattling our weapons as to show that
the liberators of the written word, the guides
to vistas beyond your screen and the homepage
that opens up and glides into the most mind-
blowing experience on Internet ever, the two
guys behind JODI, are protected and can not
be touched.


Abu Nidal
Marcel Proust
The President of the United States

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