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Posted by Freaky Chick (Miss Tia) on 22:11:58 9/14/99:

So..what sex is Jodi? What sex does Jodi prefer? I feel everyone is bisexual. Most people suppress it. Societal standards. Why canít people break free of them? Is the general world populace so insecure that they have to conform? Try to fit in? Ostracize those that are ìfreeî? What does sex matter? What does color matter? Why are people so insecure that they have to believe in a god? Why canít they realize that they themselves are in charge of their own destiny? Is that too much for most people to handle? Obviously yes, it is. Does anyone realize that religions are the major, if not the only cause of wars/conflicts in the past 2000 years? How ëchristianí is that? How ëbout those crusades? Why are most religions so down on others? Why do ëchristiansí feel it is their duty to go into the rain forests and force their beliefs on peoples who have survived for thousands of years just fine? Why when these ëchristiansí go to these people they spread our white man diseases and then hold back medication until they accept christ as their savior? Very christian, donít you think? When will Elvis come public with the fact that he faked his death? 2001? Numerological that number held great significance for him. I guess weíll have to wait and see. How can OJ live with himself? How can he look at his children every day and know he killed their mother? Why are people suspect when others are nice? Can not people realize that it is possible to be nice to others with no ulterior motives? Why do people eat meat? Why do people have a problem taking responsibility? Oh..itís the TV, the music, etc. Parents these days should have their children taken away from them when they use lame ass excuses like that! Children need to learn values from their parents, not teachers, not TV, not music. If parents would get their heads out of their asses, their ìcareersî, their mistresses, and PAY ATTENTION to their children and teach them values and ACCEPTANCE of others this world would be a better place. Acceptance, what a concept! Youíd think all these churches would teach that. But NOOOOOÖthey teach superiority and the inferiority of others. Why isnít Gertrude Vanderbilt Whitney given all the credit she is due with the creation and support of the Whitney Museum of American Art?? This disturbs me. Without her, American Art would not be where itís at today. Why doesnít her niece Gloria Vanderbilt carry the torch? In all these books about women of the 20th Century, Gertrude is missing. This is WRONG! Gloria, also needs to continue writing her biography as she last left off with only her second marriage. She has 2 more to write about. She did get distracted when her son fell off that balcony. I have that book; but havenít really read it. Why is AOL so messed up? Why is it that sometimes people donít get mail for a few weeks? Where does it go? Does anyone else have that problem? Iíve emailed some people at AOL and they havenít replied. These are people who always reply immediately, too. What the fuck!? Itís like AOL knows something is important and then fucks it up. Youíd think cyber mail would be a little more reliable than the US Postal System. Perhaps they are trying to emulate it, so as to give people a ìcomfortî zone. Well, lost mail is NOT COMFORTABLE! I really gotta do laundry. I have been lazy about walking the 3 blocks to the laundry mat. It also has been getting colder, so I have to stay and dry my clothes, cuz itís too cold to hang them out to dry. I donít mind fall; but I hate switching from going barefoot to having to wear shoes. And then I need to get some new shoes for fall. I hate these big clunky shoes. What ever happened to flats? They are very hard to find. And then when I find them, they are suede. Suede is NOT good for wet weather. What are people thinking? Does anyone wonder if Prince William will relinquish the throne? I honestly see him isolating himself in Fort Belvedere like. I am having a hard time finding info on Fort Belvedere. I highly doubt that the Royal Family has kept it up, as the Queen Mother is still alive and we know how she felt about Edward VIII. And as that was his home, she probably convinced Elizabeth to let it rot. I think that once the Queen Mother dies and Elizabeth that Charles will make some changes to the monarchy. Does anyone want to join my ëdeath pool 2000í? Iíve got a list of famous people that I think will die before/during the year 2000.

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