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Date: Wed, 25 Aug 1999 15:08:46 -0400 (EDT)
From: ValueWeb Abuse [abuse@gonk.valueweb.net]
To: jodi@jodi.org
cc: dijo2@valueweb.net
Subject: Important Account Information
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It has come to my attention that someone has been posting:
To newsgroups, chatrooms..etc.  As you are aware, this page contains a
malicious javascript that crashes the browser.  This is in violation of
the ValueWeb AUP which includes:
Use of ValueWeb's connection in a manner that is disruptive, damaging,
unlawful, offensive, or intrusive as determined by ValueWeb shall be
considered a breach of this Policy and may result in cancellation of
Please remove this offending link/page and refrain from posting it in the
future.  Failure to remove the link/page, or more occurences of this type
of issue will result in account termination.
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Posted by wayne on 21:18:56 9/15/99:

In Reply to: Re: CONFIGURATION FILE ERROR l CONFIGURATION FILE WARNING v Problem with:  q Invalid path and/or filename.| The file name is not a valid name for use as aconfiguration file. Check your environment variables to ensure that all paths and filenames are correct. r Unable to create or write file.| An error occurred while creating or writing the configuration file. Your configuration information has not been saved. The disk may be full or write access not allowed. You might need to increase the FILES= statement within your . s Configuration file does not exist.| The factory defaults will be used. Configuring the product will create the configuration file. Until you do so, this message will persist. t Configuration file is invalid.| The configuration file is not a valid configuration file, therefore the factory defaults will be used. This file will be overwritten with a valid configuration file after configuring the product. u Converting older version file.| The configuration file found contains older version product information. Most of the user settings are automatically retained. The color selections are taken from the factory defaults, but the older colors are available in the Load Config Presets section of the Advanced Configuration. The new mouse buttons will be set to OFF. v Configuration file contains invalid data.| What appeared to be a valid configuration file contained incorrect data. This configuration file is now considered invalid and the factory defaults will be used for many selections. You need to reconfigure the program to correct the file. w Configuration file variable not set.| When running under , the variable  must be set. ) changes the current directory during its execution, which results in many configuration files throughout the directory structure. Please set the variable to a path and filename for the configuration file and rerun the application. x Copying previous version's configuration file.| A previous version's configuration file was found, and is being copied a new configuration file for this product.  INITIALIZATION ERROR  INITIALIZATION WARNING  Error %d :  Warning Number %d : | Press any key to continue. ' Unknown error number.| This error should not occur, contact your distributor. X [ ] section not found.| File: @S posted by nobody on 01:01:19 9/15/99:

whats happened to your lush site and links? Or is this it now?

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