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Posted by matroidian on 11:13:36 9/06/99:

In Reply to: haha posted by incognito on 00:04:48 9/06/99:

no, for real now. Haven't I gotten enough
stupidity today? weren't the sleeping til 4:30
thing and that scene with the girl enough?
I mean, I'd have given up the box of cereal that
was my breakfast, lunch & dinner if they
hadn't taken away my 4 AM entertainment. No,
I mean it, c'mon, I don't ask for much: coffee,
the occasional interesting theorem in algebraic
topology, and some geek-ass web sites, is that
really too much? Not trying to have nice clothes
or be famous or anything, shee! Schedule for
tomorrow: wake up to fire alarms from the
building across the street, find out
that my water will be turned off for 3 weeks,
trip over tablecloth, breaking wrist, lose
expensive textbook in some public place,
accidentally lean on "emergency only" door,
activating alarm, run home, lock door, unplug
phone, and forget to set my alarm so I can
begin the whole stupid cycle on tuesday again
by missing my first class. happy?

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