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From: ValueWeb Abuse [abuse@gonk.valueweb.net]
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It has come to my attention that someone has been posting:
To newsgroups, chatrooms..etc.  As you are aware, this page contains a
malicious javascript that crashes the browser.  This is in violation of
the ValueWeb AUP which includes:
Use of ValueWeb's connection in a manner that is disruptive, damaging,
unlawful, offensive, or intrusive as determined by ValueWeb shall be
considered a breach of this Policy and may result in cancellation of
Please remove this offending link/page and refrain from posting it in the
future.  Failure to remove the link/page, or more occurences of this type
of issue will result in account termination.
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Posted by lls7 on 03:37:32 9/16/99:

In Reply to: jodi is a bleating green incense heart encysted in my chest directly behind my biological heart and it pulses violet waves throughout my body:jodi veils herself in virus:jodi preaches quiet mishaps:jodi gives back whatever she takes away:jodi is a distance between two distances and the universal constant describing universal inconstancy:jodi jodi jodi jodi:love you, sacred jodi posted by Wlater Iasac Mcozygemba on 01:49:57 9/16/99:

you are 100% phuking right you phreak, JODI are masters of liberation in the between, give them some natural honour, you tantric zen buddhists

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