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Posted by |esoteric| on 07:51:41 9/16/99:

*** Now talking in #dxm
bskin> bill
bskin> log.
rasik> ok.
bskin> NOW.
*** usul sets mode: +o rasik
bskin> we're faking an interesting log to upload to /dev/null
bskin> so we can all appear to be trendy and interesting people
rasik> i see
bskin> so, like
bskin> do something interesting, you fags
jlb> hi
bskin> that's not interesting.
rasik> hello.
jlb> i'm gonna b0mb tonight
bskin> interesting is greeting people with 'i seem to have something sharp
and nasty stuck down my pants' or something
bskin> start again, jon.
jlb> i'm gonna b0mb tonight
rasik> i'm not gonna b0mb tonight.
jlb> that's because you're broken
bskin> dammit
*** ChanServ sets mode: +o rasik
bskin> now you're really not being interesting.
rasik> not broken. hung over.
jlb> why do you always pushit away?
jlb> ben
bskin> just screaming shit that makes no sense isn't interesting
jlb> quit trying
bskin> and it's really not very trendy, either
jlb> i'm not going to say a nifty little script so you can have sexy logs
bskin> well how the hell are we supposed to do a proper fake log if we
don't try?
jlb> okay
jlb> hi
kelani> we don't need to fake, just give jon opiates
jlb> im b0mbbed
kelani> or better yet, give 'em to me
jlb> like
jlb> oh
jlb> hi
jlb> i was gonna say something
jlb> who is this?
jlb> i mean
bskin> wow
jlb> no
bskin> jon
rasik> give me a few minutes
jlb> happy ben?
bskin> you seem to be a TRENDY and INTERESTING fellow
rasik> i just woke up, so i can't be interesting yet
jlb> i tried to be boring!
jlb> why THANK you BEN
jlb> ben
jlb> would you like my pron?
jlb> ben
jlb> if you're like
bskin> see? trendy and interesting isn't too hard with severe prodding
from someone a lot better than you.
jlb> consciously logging
rasik> in fact, in the interest of looking trendy and interesting, i'm
going to go idle and find something to eat.
rasik> brb
jlb> the logs will be of lower quality
jlb> good job bill
bskin> bullshit
bskin> besides
jlb> bill is willing to make the proper sacrifices
bskin> these are FAKE logs
jlb> why do we want fake logs?
bskin> what, you want me to jizz on the keyboard?
jlb> i'd only put fake losg on the site if i was b0mbing when i made the
fake logs
jlb> that would be more entertaining
bskin> and see what my semen has to say?
jlb> your semen is saying
bskin> well, the reason we need fake logs is because none of you wankers
seem to hold onto our logs
jlb> nothing
bskin> and even when people do
jlb> ooh ooh!
jlb> that's because i dont log!
jlb> if you want logs
bskin> you're busy being dull as shit
jlb> put a bot to idle i here
jlb> and log-log-log!
bskin> neither TRENDY nor INTERESTING
jlb> i have a rotating keyboarde
jlb> i have a rotating keyboardd
jlb> i have a rotating keyboardc
jlb> i have a rotating keyboardb
jlb> i have a rotating keyboarda
jlb> i have a rotating keyboard
bskin> gah.
jlb> okay
jlb> trendy
jlb> let's talk about music
jlb> nothing is quite as boring as hearing lame music talk!
jlb> DUOD
bskin> well ok
jlb> have you seen those pictures of that one spice girl?
jlb> she's naked in them
jlb> so they sing goodf
jlb> good
bskin> but i think we should only have this conversation while sipping an
espresso and stroking our goatees
jlb> hmm
jlb> you may have a point there
bskin> besides
jlb> I can't drink anything right now
bskin> i suspect hating the spice girls is more trendy than liking them at
the moment
jlb> I've just had my tongue pierced, and hot espresso makes it hurt
kelani> hm
kelani> ooh
bskin> y'know, i hear chicks with pierced tongues give KILLER blows
kelani> I have no class till 2pm
jlb> Yeah, I've heard the same, everytime we see a chick with a piercing,
we get her to talk about oral sex
bskin> where the fuck did bill go?
jlb> we being my friends and I
jlb> probably masturbating
bskin> dammit
bskin> masturbating isn't TRENDY, jon
jlb> then edit the fucking logs
jlb> i hear editing the logs is TRENDY
bskin> you're really ruining the effect.
jlb> Actually
jlb> masturbating is the biggest and longest lasting trend since sex
jlb> just no one likes to admit it
bskin> i hear your MOM is TRENDY, but we sure as hell don't want HER here
jlb> why not?
jlb> both of her nipples are pierced
jlb> we smoke out together
rasik> hi, fags.
rasik> my musculature is tight and toned.
jlb> oh
jlb> did i mention
jlb> i'm a TRENDY faux bisexual?
bskin> because ever since she got those weird sores all over, she's been no
good for *anything*
bskin> alright, bill
bskin> end this fucking disgrace of a log and dcc it here
kelani> oh please
rasik> my b0mbliness is properly displayed by my light, taut muscles
banding and straining
rasik> they say
rasik> dxm. cool.
kelani> the best logs are the non-rigged ones.
bskin> hey, lag boy
rasik> oh, someone needs to throw in some cool song lyrics they're
listening to
bskin> yes, but.
bskin> i'm not editing the thing
bskin> thus
rasik> because trendy and interesting people spout song lyrics on irc
kelani> no lag, just been updating shit so i don't hear whiner crap :)
bskin> it's a non-rigged rigged log
bskin> or a rigged non-rigged log
bskin> or a rigged rigged log.
kelani> hehe
bskin> i'm really not terribly sure.
rasik> well now that that's cleared up
bskin> but it's the Official DXM Fake Log(tm)
bskin> so send the shit ehre
rasik> ok. logging ends.

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