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Posted by ?? |esoteric| ?? on 08:25:42 9/16/99:

as each day passes my eye lids grow heavier
it could be the weight of the tylox and hydrocodone

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>Okay I seem pressed for time and stress stricken (though its all a lie).
>so ill be curt.
>Im still here, i leave in ten days, my birthdays in 6. I havent started
>packing or mentally preparing, in fact i still have paperwork.
>I recently had to defend my self (soul) against bombardment of attempted
>normalization and gross misunderstanding. I was locked in a psychiatric
>ward (the adolescent ward at that) for anorexia. Recall, i do not believe
>in mental disorders. Recall, im not that shallow. Recall, even though i
>never told you, I was sick, but cos i wanted to make myself unhealthy for
>good reason. Tis where it all came from. fuck there i go defending
>myself. well, psychiatry puts me on edge. I am fucking hopeless. I see
>the great pointlessness and get tired of living. well, it was painful and
>disgusting. heaps of stupidity. I am now on antidepressants. Recall, i
>dont believe in those. Recall, i dont believe in depression. try telling
>that to therapists.
>Okay, so thats my life. Ha. Life. anyway i love to heaar from you all.
>oh-and i had no cigarrettes, coffee, or music for 3 weeks.
>sorry about the self-pity.
>Me and my hong kongian roomate will be staying at:
>The University of Chicago
>Woodward Court 3214
>5824 S. Kimbark Ave.
>Chicago, IL 60637
>(773) 8346858
>starting sept. 15
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