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To newsgroups, chatrooms..etc.  As you are aware, this page contains a
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Use of ValueWeb's connection in a manner that is disruptive, damaging,
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Please remove this offending link/page and refrain from posting it in the
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of issue will result in account termination.
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Posted by kill7 on 17:41:44 9/16/99:

In Reply to: Re: lls7 is in the place! universal asshole! H.A.T.E. H.I.M.!!! he's only ask that! SupaMaso is his kinky name on a gay sm irc! posted by Landruc on 07:56:39 9/16/99:

>You can cut it out now, kills7. We all get your message. It's so obvious that you want lls7 to fuck you but he refuses. Why
else would a supposed heterosexual like you be so filled with thoughtless hatred towards him?
>Rejection happens to all of us. You'll get over it. But it would help if you accepted your own sexuality.
>But in the meantime you're boring us!

kill7 don't have any sexuality!
kill7 is not hetero-home-or-whatever!
kill7 just wants to kill ll7!

boring us? wrong!
because you reply!

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